Onscreen Message! Support your favourite Streamers.

Now you can Tip your favourite streamer with a personal message and it will show up on the stream.

We currently offer

  • Secure donation platform for your viewers

  • Provide Real-Time notification of the donations

  • Provide Modern Dashboard for tracking all your transactions


We are still on to beta release of our services. Please email us at support@streamersalert.com to fill up the forms to be a registered streamer. Only a registered streamer through our form will have there payment invoices paid. Unregistered accounts could be deleted without any prior notices. Our Team is working days & nights to bring more exciting features soon.

How it works

Take a look at service's basic features.

  • Donations
  • Media

Receive donations

Receive donations from viewers and display them on your live broadcasts.

Media sharing

Receive media files from viewers and play them on the stream. Decide what to broadcast and what to not broadcast.


The founder brother's of StreamersAlert, We believe in making a difference. We wanted to build a platform were Viewers can support their favourite Streamers — who shares their every day game-play, stories, feelings, entertainments and many more.

Jiten Basnet


Gunjan Bhandari



If you are a streamer/donors and have any query regarding our service. please contact us throught this form.





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