Last updated: August 8, 2020

All terms and expressions beginning by a capital letter mentioned hereafter are defined by article 1 of this Terms and Conditions. The present Terms and Conditions (T&C) govern all tof the relations between Streamers Alert Site's User and Streamers Alert company ( hereinafter "Streamers Alert"), a yet to incorporate company, registered and listed with The Office of Company Registrar, Nepal, whose email address is, whose phone number is +977-9801809080. The Site is providing with a service allowing its Users send and receive money ("Stream Appreciation Tips") through third-party payment processors.

As of today, Streamers Alert provide its services only inside the economic territory of The Republic of Nepal. Visitors to the Site are considered to have accepted the T&C simply through the use of this Site. Contributors to the Site are considered to have accepted the T&C before each one of their Stream Appreciation Tips. Streamers to the Site are considered to have accepted the T&C on the date of opening of their's Streamers Alert account, on specified that the e-mail they received when welcoming them on Streamers Alert includes a link allowing them to download the T&C. It is also expressly agreed that the acceptance of the present T&C (including the fee conditions mentioned and available at the following address: includes their acceptance of the Terms and Conditions applied by the third party payment processing companies managing the payment systems used by the Site, i.e, at the current time.

For the payment mode named "Khalti", the Terms and Conditions of Khalti is available electronically on . The User is informed at any time, Streamers Alert can modify the T&C, which will be applicable to the user after 3 days after having it posted on the Site. For information, modifications made will will be clearly indicated on the site for a period of 3 days and will be sent to archive later. The User recognizes and accepts that her/his use of the Site after the date of the modification implies her/his formal and unconditional acceptance of the T&C. Each User represents that she/he is legally capable and at least has age of majority in her/his country of residence (In the case of The Republic of Nepal, age for being legal is 15).

The present T&C constitute all of the enforcable contractual documents between Streamers Alert and the Users.

1. Definition

  • "Contributor" refers to a user who has decided to give at least of NPR 10 Stream Appreciation Tips to a streamer.
  • "Credit" refers to the fees in Nepalese Rupees, all taxes to be paid to The Government of Nepal, deducted from the Stream Appreciation Tips given by the Contributor before such Stream Appreciation Tips is paid to the streamer. This represents all the costs of the third-party payment processors, the cost of money transfer (if selected bank transfer or remittance at the time of withdrawl) and the commission of Streamers Alert for providing the service. The detail and the calculation process of fees are available at all time at the following address: . On simple requestt, they can be communicated to the Streamer on her/his e-mail address or phone number.
  • "Geographical Area" refers to the economic area of The Republic of Nepal or any country outside the economic area of The Republic of Nepal.
  • "Inactive Account Fees" refers to the fees in Nepalese Currency (NPR) with all taxes to be paid to the Government of Nepal deducted from the account of Streamer in the event that such account has been inactive for a period of 12 months or more. An account will be considered as inactive if: no Stream Appreciation Tips has been received by the Streamer for a period of 12 months or more. the Streamer has not logged in on her/his account for a period of 12 months or more. The inactive fees will be NPR 500 per year.
  • "Services" refers to the Services proposed by Streamers Alert, the purpose of which is (as of now): Intermediate between the Streamers and Contributors via the Site. The collection and the repayment to the Streamers. On-Stream alert for the Stream Appreciation Tips received by the streamers. Other tools or services relating to the services described above.
  • "Site" refers to the internet site : or any URL with which it could be replaced by Streamers Alert, as well as all tools made by Streamers Alert (widgets, alerts, API, apps, etc.)
  • "Streamer" refers to a legal person who offers "LIVE" video stream, who has an account on our Site and who can, and by a result, receive Stream Appreciation Tips from Contributors. A Streamer can also be a Contributor.
  • "Stream Appreciation Tips" refers to the monetary value that the Contributor pays to a Streamer.
  • "User" refers to a legal person whi accesses the Site and who is inclided in the following categories: Visitor, Streamer, Contributor.
  • "Visitor" refers to a web surfer browsing on the Site, but who has yet to give Stream Appreciation Tips as a Contributor, or opened a member account as a Streamer.

3.Site Access

Site access is free for all and allows Users to view its editorial content/s. Site access provides User with a private, non-collective and non-exclusive right to the Site's content. Streamers Alert reserves the right, notably for the purpose of maintenance and upgrade, to suspend access to the Site. All the hardware or software needed in order to use the Service remain exclusively at the User's expenses.

4. Contributor's Site Usages

It is reminded that each Contributor represents that she/he is legally capable and is at least the age of majority in her/his country of residence. In context of the Republic of Nepal, the Contributor must be age of 15 at-least. If a User wants to become a Contributor, she/he just has to give a Stream Appreciation Tip. No opening of account is requested. By becoming a Contributor, the User is therefore considered to be of legal age. In order to give Stream Appreciation Tips for the benefit of one or more Streamers, the contributor will have to:

  • Select a payment system provided by the Site.
  • Pay in the applicable currency set by the Site.
The amount of Stream Appreciation Tips chosen by the contributor will be debited immediately from the account chosen by such Contributor. The streamer is legally bounded to the threshold amount of Stream Appreciation Tips. Contributors should abide by the threshold limit set by third-party payment processors.
  • Transaction limits for Khalti can be found electronically at

The Contributor is informed and accepts that her/his Stream Appreciation Tips is shown to the Streamer, but no contact details is given to the Streamer. The Contributor is informed and accepts that Streamers Alert will not be able to refund such Stream Appreciation Tips under any circumstances. The Contributor should agree to terms set forth by the Nepal Rastra Bank, and also agrees that the provided Stream Appreciation Tips is not earned from any illegal sources. Streamers Alert collects no Fees from the Contributor but only from the Streamer, being said, also agrees that in a case of foreign conversion, the foreign conversion fees or ForEx fees, such fees will be borne by the Contributor. Contributors are sent to Streamers collection dashboard on our Site, where she/he has to enter her/his Name, Contact Number, Amount of Stream Appreciation Tips, Currency and Message for Streamer. refer to Privacy Policy available electronically at: fore more information regarding the data we collect. With that, Contributor has to accept the T&C everytime she/he contributes a Streamer. A contributor must not create a false identity that might mislead Streamers Alert or any third-party, and also the other legal person.

5. Streamer's Site Usages

A User to become a Streamer will have to open a Streamer account on the Site, being specified that such opening will only be possible if the User already has an account in streaming services such as Facebook gaming, Youtube, and others.

Being registered as a Streamer provides access to a Streamer account that is unique and only accessible by means of the Streamer's credentials. The Streamer is solely responsible for any usage of her/his credentials, and Streamers Alert cannot be held for any loss, misappropriation or fraudulent usage by a third-party. Every access and/or usage of the Site and transmission of data made from Streamer account will be considered to have been made by the Streamer whose account was used. Regardless the above point, a Streamer is required to immediately inform Streamers Alert of any loss, misappropriation or fraudulent usage of her/his credentials by a third-party that has led access to the Streamer's account, by submitting her/his username, full name, e-mail address by electronic message to the following address:

Streamer to be verified must also provide her/his streaming platform links, his withdrawal method. Unable to do so may lead to blockage from using various services and also might get delayed in withdrawal process.

If a Streamer is professional or represents any company, association, she/he certifies that she/he has all the rights needed in order to start in Streamers Alert in the name of legal person she/he represents.

If the Streamer wishes to close her/his Streamer account, she/he must follow the procedure provided for this purpose on the Site. If a Streamer goes through a suspension from using services provided by Streamers Alert, Streamers are requested:
  • not to create or use on the Site any accounts other than the one initially assigned or created, unfer her/his own identity.
  • no to create a false identity which might mislead Streamers Alert or any third-party.
If a Streamer goes through a suspension, Streamer might have to contact Streamers Alert through electronic message to the following address:
By accepting the T&C, the Streamer declares that the source of fund used by her/him on the Site is not illegal and undertakes not to use the Site for any illegal or fraudulent activity, including but not limited to money laundering. Criminal and/or civil proceedings can be initiated against the Streamer and any other person/s directly or indirectly participating in such an illegal or fraudulent activity. The Streamer is liable for paying all applicable or associated taxes on the sums received as Stream Appreciation Tips. Under no circumstances can Streamers Alert be substituted for the Streamer for this purpose.

Streamers Alert reserves the right to handover all the information of a potentially illegal or fraudulent nature to the legal authorities, without prior information provided to the Streamer.

To be able to receive Stream Appreciation Tips, the Streamer will have to: o Validate her/his account by providing the valid payout sources, if chosen Bank transfer, Streamer will have to provide her/his bank beneficiary details with a photo of her/his cheques provided by the respected bank or a monthly statement of her/his account on that bank. If chosen Remittance, Streamer should provide her/his legal Government issued photo identity. If chosen digital payment processors, Streamer should provide her/his KYC verified payment accepting ID of that payment processor which will be verified by Streamers Alert.

When the Streamer's collection of Stream Appreciation tips reaches a amount of NPR 50,000, to withdraw such amount, Streamers account will have to be validated according the certification procedure. Being specified that such procedure includes sending to Streamers Alert an identity document confirming the authenticity of the identity of the Streamer.

The stream Appreciation Tips will be paid to the Streamers after the deduction of the Fees. As such, the Streamers formally authorises Streamers Alert to keep the Fees and pay the taxes to The Government of Nepal on behalf of the Streamer. The withdrawal frequency of the Stream Appreciation Tips will vary according to the payment system applicable and is subject to change in the future. o In case of withdrawal made via digital payment processors, the amount payable to Streamers will be wired to Streamer's linked digital payment processor account on Wednesday (4 th Day) of each week.
  • In case of withdrawal made via Bank or remittance, the amount payable to Streamer will be wired to her/his bank/remittance on Monday (Day 02) of each alternate weeks.
  • In a case there are holiday or emergency come up in withdrawal date, the withdrawal will be scheduled for next business day.

Streamers will be able to withdraw amount if the total payable amount crosses the boundary of NPR 2,000. This is viable only on Bank or Remittance withdrawl. Any confusions, or problems regarding the withdrawals should be sent to Streamers Alert via electronic message at The Streamer is provided the authority to opt-in to delay the payout process. The Streamer formally acknowledged that she/he alone is responsible for the accounting, fiscal and social treatments relating to the sums received by her/him as Stream Appreciation Tips through Streamers Alert.

6. Duration of the relation with Streamers Alert

The present T&C apply:
  • For the Visitor: as of the connection to the Site and until the end of browsing, simply disconnection.
  • For the Contributor: as of the connection to the Site and until the last operation to be carried out for the payment of Stream Appreciation Tips.
  • For the Streamer: as of the creation of her/his account and until its closing for any reason.

Streamers Alert reserves the right to temporarily and/or permanently suspend, in regard to the provisions described below in article 7, or to immediately and without notice terminate any Streamer account whose owner has violated the terms hereof or has helped a third-party to do so, or has committed any illegal act.
In case of a change ot its commercial policy and/or modifications made of its economic model, Streamers Alert also reserve the right to suspend or terminate any Streamer account for which the Streamer has formally disagreed to accept the newly applicable T&C, subject to a reasonable notice.

7. Suspension of accounts

Streamers Alert reserves the right to immediately and without notice suspend any Streamer account, temporarily or permanently, in case of misconduct or violation of any provision of the present T&C.
In this case, as a penalty, Streamers Alert may decide not to reimburse all or part of the amounts corresponding with the Credit possibly associated with the Streamer's account and that it considers necessary in order to repair damages of any nature that it may have suffered. If Streamers Alert decides to return all or part of the amounts corresponding with a possible Credit at the time of closing of the account, the Streamer will have a maximum of 2(two) months in which to contact Streamers Alert after receiving the third e-mail from Streamers Alert of its decision, and to provide all information needed for the repayment of the amount in Credit. After the provided time limit or if the information needed for the withdrawal is not provided, Streamers Alert will be released from any possible repayment obligation.
However, the Streamer will still be able to access her/his "personal information" and also request Streamers Alert it to remove if required.

8. Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send your inquiries to Service support at So, we can deal with your enquiry effectively, please quote this Privacy Policy. We will aim to respond to you within period established by applicable law.
All correspondence received by us from you (written or electronic inquiries) is classified as restricted-access information and may not be disclosed without your written consent. The personal data and other information about you may not be used without your consent for any purpose other than for response to the inquiry, except as expressly provided by law.

9. Legal Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The present T&C are governed by the Law of Nepal. Only the courts of Nepal have jurisdiction in order to hear any dispute relative to the application, interpretation or cancellation.